Hi again. I’m just about to page 600, which will leave a bit less than 300 to go. I’m reading slowly as I’ve got a bad habit of reading several books at a time. I’m trying to correct that nonsense and limit myself to two. Here’s where things are. Van Gogh has moved to Arles in Provence and has taken up residence in The Yellow House. Now he is writing to Gauguin, asking him to join him. Van Gogh always had these big ideas of success, and prosperous studios with other artists. As you probably know, nothing panned out. At this time, 1888, Monet is the reigning success of the Impressionists, just to give the contemporary scene. By now Vincent is coming into his own and for the next two years he will furiously paint most of the pictures you are probably familiar with. The bright, sunny landscapes, Irises, flowers, more self-portraits. And then some more self-portraits, the Postmaster Roulin and Dr. Gachet and of course Starry Night. But those iconic works are still in the future, book-wise, so I shouldn’t say much about them at this point. Right now he’s been drawing and painting that draw bridge a lot. I’ll keep you posted.