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I create fun, kid-friendly art for storybooks, curriculum, magazines, and a variety of children’s products. Based in St. Louis, MO, I work with publishers and product developers throughout the United States.


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Art & Whimsy Blog

True Colors

Meet John Gnagy. From five years old onward, a fair number of my Christmas or birthday gifts were art related. My talent was identified early, and encouraged with a variety of creative aids. On that fifth Christmas I received a deluxe John Gnagy art kit. John Gnagy... read more

Reformed Whimsy

Happy 499th! October 31 is the 499th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation. To be fair, to say Happy Anniversary is one-sided, as that turning point in history isn’t welcomed or celebrated by all. Yet through the past almost 500 years, more... read more

A Few of My Favorite Autumnal Things (and Places)

Candy Corn Do you love this stuff? I had my first taste of the season last week when I was enticed by an open dish of these wonderful tricolored kernels. I don’t eat a lot of them, and forbid anyone to actually buy me a bag, such is my weakness for them. But in... read more

The Deal of the Arts

For What It’s Worth This self-portrait was painted by Rembrandt in 1660. It’s called the Altman Rembrandt, because it was bequeathed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) by Benjamin Altman. I assume to bequeath is to give for free, but I’m sure... read more

Love of Labor

The Picnic Happy Labor Day to you. Whether you labor in a field, a factory, an office, or a home, this is a day to honor you. My father was a factory worker. He worked on the assembly line. He was a United Auto Worker, and fiercely proud of it. In retirement he rode... read more


A Brief Note This is my first post in a while. Just as I recommited to posting once a week, I suffered a detached retina, underwent surgery, and went into a fairly slow recovery which is still happening. I’m getting better each day, but the fixed eye is still... read more