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I create fun, kid-friendly art for storybooks, curriculum, magazines, and a variety of children’s products. Based in St. Louis, MO, I work with publishers and product developers throughout the United States.


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Art & Whimsy Blog

Wild Work

All the widows stood beside him weeping and showing tunics and other garments that Dorcas made while she was with them. There isn’t a lot of detail about Dorcas (also called Tabitha) in Luke’s narrative in the Acts of the Apostles.  In addition to being a... read more

Whimsical Comments

Yep, I know I just posted on Sunday evening, and the schedule is one post per week, but I have a favor to ask. My new website is now designed to receive comments on the blog page. This post is basically a test to see if the comments work, how convenient they are for... read more

I’m Talking to You!

A current exhibit at our Missouri History Museum in St. Louis shows what our city was like in 1875. Elaborately displayed throughout several galleries, it is a sociological education about life’s ups and downs in the late 19th century. St. Louis was the fifth... read more

And Yet, I Don’t Really Like Peter Pan.

Please forgive me for using this image from last week, but a flying kid is still on my mind. My flying dream boy, along with my airplane and whimsical bird recollections, might  erroneously suggest that I harbor a secret desire to revert back to childhood. Or maybe... read more

I’ll Fly Away

I like things that fly. I like airplanes, I like kites, and I like birds. I really like birds. I don’t study them, nor do I watch them like those pith-helmeted enthusiasts with binoculars. Truth is, I know little about them except that they are beautiful,... read more

Crouching Tiger, Talking Penguin

Tony the Tiger ©Kellog Company Are Saturday morning cartoons still popular? In my youth they were the indispensable kick off to the  weekend reprieve from reading, writing, and arithmetic. My earliest visual and narrative memories are cartoons. Perhaps like you, I... read more