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Working with publishers, designers, and product developers throughout the United States, I create fun art for books, curriculum, magazines, and all kinds of kid-friendly products.

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Oh, Tannenbaum!

Wie treu sind deine Blätter! Even if you don't speak German you may know the song. Roughly translated, that line is "How faithful are your leaves!" A Tannenbaum is a fir, or evergreen tree. This song was a standard in the predominantly German neighborhood in which I...

Galileo, Galileo!

I'm in an astronomical mood once again. Some time ago, earlier this year, I drew Astronomy Girl, that big-headed kid gazing up at the stars. That was followed by last month's Corn Moon, the big orange moon waking from a daytime sleep to light up the night. Today it's...

The Element of Surprise

One of the joys of being a children's book illustrator is the frequency with which I get to create whimsical animals. I'm not a nature artist in the traditional sense, so I don't often paint realistic flora and fauna. My animals lean cute, or as I tell my clients, I'm...

Circle Game

As I continue to play with these simple circles, I'm kind of surprised by what I come up with. All these simply start with a circle. No preliminary sketches, and truth be told, no actual idea.  First I drew two circles. I picked the green and blue from my custom color...


Corn Moon Of course the big astronomical event happened on August 21, with the solar eclipse. I didn't catch it, but for me, the Harvest Moons, or these earlier Corn Moons, are spectacular sights, and I don't need special glasses to enjoy them. With the moon...

Tapped Out

I was born in August. Being born during summer vacation meant that I never had to go to school on my birthday. The only draw back was that it also meant I was one of the youngest kids in my class. When I started Kindergarten, you only had to be five years old anytime...