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Working with publishers, designers, and product developers throughout the United States, I create fun art for books, curriculum, magazines, and all kinds of kid-friendly products.

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A Wolf, Goat, and a Cabbage Got into a Boat

Leonardo struggled with Math. So says biographer Walter Isaacson, citing DaVinci's notebook entry doubling 4,096 to get 8,092. I take satisfaction in knowing the great thinker didn't get carrying the one. I recall standing at the blackboard as a befuddled second...

A League of My Own

I don't recall that our grade school baseball team had a name. Our uniforms were white with red trim, caps, and stockings, emblazoned with St. John's across the chest. I suppose we were simply called St. John's. We were in the CYC league and played other Catholic...

Oh, Tannenbaum!

Wie treu sind deine Blätter! Even if you don't speak German you may know the song. Roughly translated, that line is "How faithful are your leaves!" A Tannenbaum is a fir, or evergreen tree. This song was a standard in the predominantly German neighborhood in which I...

Galileo, Galileo!

I'm in an astronomical mood once again. Some time ago, earlier this year, I drew Astronomy Girl, that big-headed kid gazing up at the stars. That was followed by last month's Corn Moon, the big orange moon waking from a daytime sleep to light up the night. Today it's...

The Element of Surprise

One of the joys of being a children's book illustrator is the frequency with which I get to create whimsical animals. I'm not a nature artist in the traditional sense, so I don't often paint realistic flora and fauna. My animals lean cute, or as I tell my clients, I'm...

Circle Game

As I continue to play with these simple circles, I'm kind of surprised by what I come up with. All these simply start with a circle. No preliminary sketches, and truth be told, no actual idea.  First I drew two circles. I picked the green and blue from my custom color...