I like to think most kids adopt a neighborhood squirrel at some point. We had a regular visitor during one childhood summer. We fed him nuts, and with each feeding he became more trusting of our relationship. Gaining confidence in our good will, the squirrel eventually climbed onto the decorative metal work of our screen door to peer into our living room and call for his supper

Episodes like our squirrel adoption, along with a large cast of talking animals on children’s television, surely helped nurture my interest in whimsical cartoon critters. There was considerable delight in having a rapport with this rodent. Maybe I imagined myself as one of the human co-stars mingling with Tennessee Tuxedo, Yogi Bear, Rocky and Bullwinkle on Saturday morning TV.

Enjoying a bit of free time, I imagined a squirrel settled high in a tree, and spontaneously breaking into song. Squirrels sometimes make a faint chirp, but how great would it be if they could belt out a tune? This one has stage presence, with arm extended, bellowing the last line of “My Way”.

They get to pick the tune; I only illustrate them.

Sing your heart out squirrel. Your handful of nuts is on the way.

Illustration ©2017 Singing Squirrel